Be careful of sheet metal when steel plate teaches you how to buy cabinets
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Network cabinet is indispensable in network construction. Maybe people will think that a simple cabinet is just to pile up all the products and finish them. It doesn't matter whether it is necessary or not. In fact, the selection of cabinets can not only bring convenience for future management, but also play an important role in the heat dissipation and safety performance of products. Moreover, the price of cabinets is much cheaper than before. As long as hundreds of yuan are spent, a good cabinet can be purchased. It really shouldn't be a small loss.

The most important difference in product price is the quality of steel used. Some JS will mix inferior tin fish with beads in order to make profits. Under normal circumstances, the cabinet position will not be transferred. If the cabinet rusts after several years of use, it will be a big loss. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing cabinets, we must pay attention to the quality of metal. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the structure and heat dissipation performance of cabinets.

Let's make a comparison. The cabinet is like the DIY cabinet. Its function is roughly the same. What problems should we pay attention to when choosing the cabinet? It is not the same from the structural stability, heat dissipation, radiation protection and other issues. Successfully, the chassis is the most profitable part in the loading machine, and the cabinet is also a way for the merchants to make profits, but also a wide range of brands, good and bad, to buy a good quality and fair price cabinet is really not easy, let the author introduce a good quality and price cabinet for everyone to refer to it!

This is a luxury cabinet of Weiwang. The product is 1 metre high, 0.6 metres wide and 0.8 metres deep. It meets the standard of 19 inch cabinet. The price is only 700 yuan. It is a cheaper one on the market. All the products are made of steel plate. There are two large cooling fans on the top of the cabinet and ventilation holes around it. When the fan exhausts, it can cause an air circulation, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the equipment in the cabinet.

The front and rear doors are locked, so that the cabinet can be locked after installation, so as not to be destroyed or stolen. There are two side panels on the side, which can also be disassembled. As can be seen from the figure below, the door can be dismantled by pressing the fixed handle, which will be more convenient for wiring rack and wiring arrangement.

In addition, the cabinet is also attached with a layer board, which can be used to place some small equipment, such as MODEM, SOHO products that can not be fixed on the rack. The square holes in the cabinet can be fixed to some large switches or routers, and the product also has a power outlet, which is fixed in the back position. When wiring, the wire can enter from the top or bottom of the cabinet, and then cooperate with wiring rack and other equipment to effectively clean up the mess caused by the wire. There are pulleys at the bottom of the cabinet to facilitate transportation and movement. When fixed, there are four fixed feet to fix the cabinet.

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