Cautions for normal operation of cabinet
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1. temperature. Its quality directly affects the service life of the cabinet you purchased, and may also lead to the cabinet often failures, which can not guarantee its normal operation. So when we buy the cabinet, we must check the fan inside the cabinet, because it is an important tool to solve the temperature. Generally, we require the fan to blow directly to or through the processor.

2. Extension capability. When we buy some cabinet PDUs, we must buy the chassis chassis with enough space. The reason why you buy the chassis chassis with enough space is that the back-up network expansion is used to add more hard disk boxes and other electronic devices to it.

3. Sharp traces. We inspect the inside of the cabinet with sharp edges. This step is important to consider the technical safety issues when we want to upgrade in the future.

4. Safety. Valuable items are usually placed in the power supply of the cabinet, so it must be checked that the cabinet has original locks.

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