Installation of cabinet and matters needing attention
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1. Cabinet Installation Plan

Before installing the cabinet, plan the space first. In order to facilitate heat dissipation and protection facilities, the distance between the front and back of the cabinet and the wall or other facilities should not be less than 0.8 meters, and the net height of the computer room should not be less than 2.5 meters.

2. Preparations for cabinet installation

Before installation, the site should be correct and error-free, otherwise it will cause rework. Dismantle cabinets and cabinet accessories according to the guide of dismantling cabinets.

3. Installation process of cabinet

After the cabinet is fixed, the cabinet fittings can be installed directly. Place the cabinet in the planned position, confirm the front and back of the cabinet, and aim the foot of the cabinet at the corresponding foot positioning mark.

4. Cabinet debugging

Place leveling rulers in the two perpendicular directions on the simplest side of the cabinet top to check the cabinet leveling. Rotate the screw on the ground foot to adjust the height of the cabinet, so that the cabinet reaches the level, and then lock the locking nut on the ground foot of the cabinet, so that the locking nut is close to the bottom of the cabinet.

Cautions for Installation of Cabinet

With the relevant dimensions of the cabinet, check the shape of the equipment again to ensure that the bracket is matched with the selected bracket. A strong cabinet can carry nearly 500 kilograms, so check the tools used to pull out equipment, such as doors or trolleys. Famous brand cabinets usually have wheels under them, so you just need to put the equipment in and push the cabinet to the right place.

Measure the size of the room and the height of the ceiling, door and elevator through which the cabinet passes. Considering the various types of equipment in the cabinet, ensure that the cabinet is placed close to the power supply, wire outlet and communication outlet.

Check the opening angle of the cabinet door when opening and closing the cabinet. The standard cabinet door opens on the right and the door axle is on the left. Of course, the opposite is not ruled out. All doors and side panels should be easy to open for maintenance.

When the user installs the equipment cabinet into an existing cabinet group, the cabinet can be arranged in a row next to each other, which is safe and tidy. The best cabinet group model should be fully expandable, with all the necessary hardware to remove the cabinet side panels, and screw cabinets to connect each other in a row.

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