Social Responsibility Report
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1、 Preface

Our company has always been committed to achieving sustainable development, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and continuously promoting work in areas such as environmental protection, health and safety, employee welfare, and public welfare while operating our business. This report aims to comprehensively reflect the fulfillment of our company's social responsibility and take this opportunity to showcase our corporate image and culture to all sectors.

2、 Corporate governance

Our company always adheres to honest management, adheres to the enterprise development concept of people-oriented and pursuing excellence, and ensures efficient operation and steady development of the enterprise by establishing a sound corporate governance structure. In 2022, our company continued to improve its system and established multiple internal audit mechanisms to promote the standardized and orderly progress of various work in the company.

3、 Environmental protection

Our company has always attached great importance to environmental protection work. In 2022, we achieved the construction of a wastewater treatment plant by strengthening investment, focusing on implementing softened water treatment, and fundamentally solving the problem of wastewater discharge. In addition, we have also invested in the construction of exhaust gas treatment systems and waste treatment equipment, which not only effectively protect the environment but also improve production efficiency.

4、 Employee benefits

Our company has always been concerned about the physical and mental health of employees, and by improving the employee welfare mechanism, we provide better welfare protection for employees. The company has formulated multiple employee welfare policies, such as providing no less than fifteen days of annual leave, providing competitive salary benefits, and providing employee family medical insurance. At the same time, the company has also organized multiple health activities to provide employees with effective relaxation and rest.

5、 Public welfare charity

Our company has always adhered to the concept of taking social responsibility as its own responsibility, regularly carrying out charitable donation activities, and actively participating in social welfare undertakings. In 2022, the company donated goods and funds to multiple schools and social welfare institutions in the local area, and also organized employees to participate in various volunteer service activities, truly conveying the company's love to every corner of society.

6、 Conclusion

Our company will continue to uphold the awareness of corporate social responsibility, strengthen management and control over production, environmental protection, employee welfare, and other aspects, and continue to promote sustainable development of the enterprise. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to social needs and market changes, and actively promote innovation and development of enterprises.

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