How to identify a good cabinet
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Look at spray paint, a qualified cabinet, all steel need spray paint, and spray paint must be uniform, so that good rust, dust and so on.

Look at the glass, the glass must be thicker, but also pay attention to whether there are cracks around the glass, if there are cracks, it means that there are hidden dangers, and pay attention to whether it is difficult.

Look at the accessories. Since the installation includes network cable, telecommunication cable and power cable, it is necessary to purchase hook-and-loop belt or toothed belt to effectively fix the cable in the cabinet in an orderly manner. If the cabinet has a cable management module so that the cables can be directly fixed in the vertical installation rail, it would be better. In either case, the upper and side walls of the cabinet should have enough fixing rings (to protect the cables), or the cabinet floor can be raised so that the cabinet can go down. There are also some screw and nut used to fix the frame, but also in sufficient quantity. It will not cause the trouble of insufficient spare parts due to future expansion.

Look at the function:

Safety should be the first consideration. Loading critical IT equipment into lockable cabinets makes network administrators feel more relaxed, which limits the number of people who can open cabinets.

Look at the heat dissipation, estimate how much heat your equipment produces. Generally speaking, there are two or four fans on the top of the cabinet. How good are the fans? Side wall fans should be installed on the back wall of the cabinet, because most of the heat generated by the rear part of the equipment. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation effect of large capacity cabinets will be better.

Look at the layout of the structure, generally speaking, there are more baffles, and there are heat sinks. Some iron sheets used to fix the cables should be edged to prevent damage to the cables.

Universal foot, although the cabinet, in general, will not move it, but occasionally always move it, at this time, it will be useful, now many cabinets are wheel-footed, to choose universal foot.

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